320PRO-SRV2.5 SIM sidestick

The 320PRO-SRV2.5 SIM sidestick is the ideal stick for your simulation facilities. Whether private or commercial use, this device meets every standard and enjoys impeccable workmanship and durability.
The mechanism is equipped in both axes with original spring force packs and gives it as an unprecedented feel. The complete substructure is made of stainless steel, aluminum and brass, and all moving parts are mounted with Teflon bearings.
We are confident this drive meets all requirements and therefore comes with a complete mechanics and electronics 2-year warranty.

!!The stick shown here is provided with the universal mounting plate and can be ordered for all sizes and needs!!

Available as a Captain and First Officer Stick!
Optional Black box available for "standalone on desk" version.


-Exact replica of the 320 Series Side Stick
-Button for autopilot disconnect
-Button for PTT
-Key inputs can be assigned in the flight simulation
-Maintenance-free Hall sensors
-With Full Speed USB HID compatible device.
-Works with USB 2.0 / 3.0 compatible systems
-12-bit resolution (4096 steps)
-Hardware calibration support.
-Axis trimming and dead-zone settings
-Digital filter algorithm set by user
-Additional Calibration Software
-current FSUIPC comes with license
-USB powered

Prix: CHF 1,198.00

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