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737 Pilot in Command Evolution Deluxe

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Deluxe-Edition incl. Airlines Pack - Developped by highly qualified programmers and modellers, this Flight Simulator X add-on is a major technological break-through of the famous and widely awarded 737 Pilot in Command.

737 Pilot in Command EVOLUTION is today`s most advanced, most realistic, most complete Boeing 737-300/-400/-500 simulation for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. Tested by active Boeing pilots, 737 Pilot in Command gives simmers the meticulously detailed panels, the true-to-life Flight Management Computer (FMC) and realistic simulation systems. So real, 737 Pilot in Command EVOLUTION could be used by airline pilots!

If you are already flying our 737 Pilot in Command, you will be amazed by the new 737 Pilot in Command EVOLUTION features:
• Fully new aircraft 3D model to match today’s Flight Simulator X requirements : winglets variants, more animations, moving parts,…
• New HD 2D panel graphics to suit both 4:3 and widescreen options
• Fully 3D interactive virtual cockpit
• High Definition textures on panels, fuselage and liveries
• Fire protection system to simulate engine fire and realistic fire extinguish procedure
• Updated Navigraph’s FMC database
• Improved compatibility with Online flights, VRinsight modules,…
• And more…

737 Pilot in Command Evolution DELUXE includes a total of 36 international airlines.
Among them:
• B737-300: Air Berlin - China Southern Airlines - Delta - Garuda Indonesia - JAT - Jet2 - KLM (old colours) - Korongo - Lufthansa - Southwest Airlines - United Airlines (Battleship grey) - TNT.
• B737-400: Japan Airlines - Olympic Airways - Qantas - SAS - US Airways - Virgin Blue.
• B737-500: Air Baltic - ANA - LOT - Sky Europe Airlines - Southwest Airlines.
• Boeing 737-300/-400/-500 accurately modelled in High Definition with exceptional levels of detail including authentic landing gear, brakelines, spoilers, multiple flaps and much more.
• Wing flexing : wings flex under load charge, they react to weight and speed. Any manoeuvres will affect the wings state.
• Simulated systems : IRS, Flight Controls, Fuel Systems, electrical (battery, APU,...), anti-ice, hydraulics, pressurization, pneumatics, air conditioning, lights, fire protection, weather radar, TCAS etc. In fact, everything needed to operate the 737 like a real aircraft !
• Multiple 2D control panels including functional overhead and pedestal
• 3D interactive virtual cockpit – Exactly as the real aircraft! Nearly every switch, lever and dial is modelled in 3D and functional just as the real thing. Great care has been taken in the construction of the VC to give you a complete pilot’s experience.
• Stunning passenger’s cabin and view – modelled in HD with wing/engine views.
• Numerous aircraft variants with and without Winglets.
• Comfortably seated, the passenger can get real time in-flight information on screen : distance to/from destination/departure, local time, Estimated Time of Arrival, just like the real thing !
• High resolution liveries (HD) : 13 international airlines with high resolution reflective and chrome textures, dynamic shine, night lighting,…
• Flight dynamics engineered by a Flight Sim dynamics expert and tested by active 737 pilots.
• Immersive audio experience with digitized sounds set recorded from the real plane : fire alarm, APU, batteries, air conditioning, passenger signs, warnings and caution messages,…
• Load manager to change passenger and cargo loads
• Detailed animations : pilots, multi-speed windshield wipers, hydraulic suspension, flaps, slats, spoilerons, speed brakes, thrust reversers, landing gear, passenger and cargo doors and more.
• Procedures guide written by Captain Mike Ray, UAL pilot. Whatever your knowledge level is, the user`s manual will teach you step by step all systems and procedures. Easy to follow, this guide gets you up and flying really quickly! This manual is part of Mike Ray’s book : B737 Simulator & Checkride Manual.
• Easy-to-use Paint Kit to create your own airline (Adobe PhotoShop required)

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