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TBM 850 Elite

Description du produit:

The TBM850 has been studied in-depth to provide the best to the PC pilot.
Every tiny detail, every panel screw and rivet are meticulously depicted in 3D.
Even the tyres have raised lettering and are grooved ! More cockpit functions
than ever before. Super detailing in the cabins, cockpits and exteriors.

Cockpit arrays and instruments built by the best in the business bring you new
levels of functionality and interactivity to make your flight experience rewarding
and challenging. Flight dynamics programmed by real-world aviation engineers bring
a new sense of reality to your virtual skies.

Above all, total realism has been the goal with this production and you get it.

Socata TBM850 - The fastest single-engine turboprop

Up to 320Kts, the TBM850 offers the cruise speeds typical of light jets with
the efficiency and economy of a single-engine turboprop. The large propeller
can be utilized as a powerful aerodynamic brake, allowing landing on extremely
short strips and runways.

Built by DAHER-SOCATA (, the TBM850 is the perfect blend of BEAUTY,

Prix: CHF 39.90

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