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Bernina Plus Pack "ALLEGRA"

Allegra, the new train set on the Bernina!

"Allegra" - with this greeting is called the Rhaetian Railway (RhB) their passengers
welcome to the multiple units of the new generation.
The new train set "ALLEGRA" consists of two engines and an intermediate car.
In this pack PLUS the ABe 8/12 3501 'Willem Holsboer January "and the ABe 8/12 3502"
Friedrich Hennings' is ready to depart for the virtual drivers. As AI return, "Carlo
Janka" with the number 3503 is on the way. The faithful, modern cab, photorealistic
interior and the authentic Allegra-driving sound inspire you too!

10 reality-based engineer tasks offer varied
Rides on the legendary Bernina route.

Prix: CHF 29.90

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