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Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 is absolutely realistic
Replica of the airport with lots of details
based on expansion plans in 2017.
Features include crisp seasonal
Textures and textures beautiful day and night.
All textures are based on photos taken on site.
To breathe a lively atmosphere at the airport ,
you see the landscape a lot of animations and passengers
during boarding and boarding your aircraft and much more .

The Oslo Airport has experienced rapid growth in recent years
and replaced the first time in Copenhagen in February 2013 as
the largest airport in Northern Europe . It has two parallel
Nord-/Süd-Runways and flies to 28 regional and 100 international
destinations. The airport also serves as a hub for Scandinavian Airlines
and Winder .

The photo- realistic terrain scene comes seasonal textures and night
textures to illustrate the really tough winter conditions .

Prix: CHF 34.90

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