Brighton - Portsmouth

Product description:

This new route for Microsoft Train Simulator lets the PC train driver control a train from Brighton on the south coast of the UK along the coast to Portsmouth. Trains of the main operators of this line as well as all 33 stations along the route are included in this program.

Westcoastway Express covers all 33 stations along the route in a very detailed manner. A realistic rebuilt landscape with all the features of this route as well as a detailed signalling will give the virtual train driver a thrilling experience.
The package comes with a rolling stock of four drivable passenger trains, Southern Class 375, Southern Class 421, Southern Yellow Class 421 and Network SouthEast Class 421, all including original cabs.
Brighton-Portsmouth also holds 15 activities designed around a passenger service on this route with many intermediate `role plays´ for the users enjoyment, which makes it an extensive add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator.

• Route Brighton-Portsmouth
• 33 detailed original stations
• Realistic rebuilt landscapes
• Detailled signalling
• Rolling Stock: ◦Southern Class 375 incl. cab
◦ Southern Class 421 incl. cab
◦ Southern Yellow Class 421 incl. Cab
◦ Network SouthEast Class 421 incl. cab

• 15 new activities
•Extensive manual German/English

Prix: CHF 49.90

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