Classic Routes 2 - Swanage-Route

Product description:

This new route for Microsoft Train Simulator lets the PC train driver control a train on the historic and beautiful Swanage Route in the county of Dorset. The route covers the former LSWR branch from Wareham to Swanage which the Loco driver can discover with four new drivable steam and Diesel engines.

A Preserved Railway in Southern England

Today the southern half of the route, between Swanage and Norden, is the preserved Swanage Railway, while the northern section, as far south as Furzebrook, is part of the National Rail network and serves an LPG terminal. The route has been modelled as it is today, but with the two sections of line joined together to allow through running from Swanage to Wareham. In addition to the branch, the Swanage Route also includes 5 miles of main line towards Poole and Bournemouth.The add-on comes with over 30 very accurately designed stations and request stops and gives a real example of the charm of the landscape and its typical buildings and towns in this part of the country.

The Swanage Route contains 4 driveable locomotives with custom sounds and cabs and a further 3 locomotives without cabs (for use in computer-controlled services or as helper locomotives).

Rolling stock:

• Bulleid Merchant Navy Class 8P 4-6-2 (Rebuilt)Locomotive Number: 35027 Port Line
• West Country (Light) Pacific 7P5F 4-6-2 (Rebuilt) Locomotive Number: 34028 Eddystone
• L&SWR Drummond M7 Class 0-4-4T Locomotive Number 30053
• Class 108 Derby Lightweight DMU
• Numerous different types of rolling stock
• 3 non-drivable locomotives

The package also includes 23 realistic activities set in three different eras - 1960s, present day and in the near future.


• Route from Holton Heath to Swanage
• More than 30 detailed stations and holding points
• Realistic landscape
• True to original rolling stocks
• 23 Activities
• Extensive engl. manual

Prix: CHF 29.90

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