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The Grumman F-14 Tomcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two-seat,
variable-sweep wing fighter aircraft build for the US Navy as
a high-endurance interceptor to protect the carriers.

It’s a large aircraft characteristic looks (best known for
the variable geometric wings) and the twin tail fins.
It saw combat in every conflict the US was involved with
between 1972 and 2006 and proved to be successful in nearly
every engagement.
This FSX/P3D version is created by a group of enthusiasts who spend
over two year programming the systems in this complex aircraft.
The resulting aircraft is one for the advanced flight simulator
enthusiast who enjoys managing systems and equipment in a high speed
aircraft. Not for the faint hearted!

•A and B models included with many liveries
•High fidelity Visual Systems like collimated HUD,
VDI, HIS and Data Display
•High fidelity Flight Systems like Wing Sweep Controller,
Glove Vanes and Auto Throttle
•High fidelity Auto Flight Systems like Stability
Augmentation System, Auto Pilot and Auto Land (on carrier!)
•Very accurate flight models, thoroughly tested by
retried Fleet Tomcat pilots
•Semi-automated checklist to assist the novice pilot
•Fully functioning radar and targeting system
•Payloads can be loaded and jettisoned dynamically in simulator
•Includes highly detailed USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
•Dual cockpit (front and back seat) compatible
•Compressor Stalls: Poor management of the aircraft will result
in random compressor stalls which can induce a dreaded flat spin.
Stall algorithm is random; stalls will onset, clearing, and engine restarts based on
a continuous supply of random numbers, while aircraft state
(Altitude, Mach, Angle of Attack, and Sideslip)
as well as aircraft configuration increase or decrease the
chances of pitfalls and recoveries. Watch those inlet ramps!
•Three channel passive Stability Augmentation System.
Pilot inputs and control surface deflection rates are reduced,
which allow a more precise and controlled flight. Not to be used
during combat manoeuvres.
•Thoroughly tested by retried Fleet Tomcat pilots and a software
engineer involved with a professional Tomcat simulation.
Performance data plus control response & stability data were
sourced and matched as closely as possible to NATOPS and NASA technical archives.
•Upon the official release of the SDK for TacPack by Vertical Reality Simulations,
users, owning TacPack, will be able to launch payloads including the
Tomcat`s potent beyond visual range capabilities.

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