737 Throttle Quadrant PRO v2.1 Lighting led

Mesures 23.5cm X 20cm X h78cm

  • 2engine levers with working reverser thrust levers
  • 4push buttons on the engine levers
  • 2 fuel cutoff levers
  • 1 flaps lever with detent
  • 1 spoiler lever
  • 1 parking brake switch with realistic red LED
  • 2 stab trim switches
  • 2 manual trim wheels
  • Throttle quadrant stand (check options)
  • 1 usb cable
  • Backlit ready (check options for colour and installation)

Changes v2.1

  • trim wheels increased diameter
  • modified thrust levers for better sync between eng1 and 2
  • modified fuel cutoff levers

NOTE: Due to the high amount of orders we recive for this product lead time is 3 months.Every quadrant that is ordered is individually made with a laser and cnc machine. All the parts,electronic and mechanical components are hand fitted and tested. When the quadrant is completed the unit is retested 100% to guarantee every part works perfectly so that you receive the best possible quadrant. This is a long process and takes approximately 3 months.

Prix: CHF 1,398.00

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