CPflight FCU is a full scale replica of AIRBUS FLIGHT CONTROL UNIT.

The module is complete and ready to use and interface with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The unit work with FSX Airbus A320 aircraft using the CPflight driver FS_COM.

It is also compatible with Project Magenta, AST software and FeelThere Airbus series.

FCU320 is connected to the PC through USB.

Package include an universal power supply adapter and USB cable.

FCU320 can be interfaced with Microsoft Simulator (FSX), Project Magenta FCU,
AST software and FeelThere Airbus series(payware driver).

The hardware establish an interface with FSX, PM, AST and FeelThere Airbus software;
logics, operating modes and aircraft behavior are managed the PC software.

FCU320 is equipped with high quality level components.

Digital encoder, custom display LCD, Engravity custom solutions for frontplate
and pushbuttons give a high fidelity performances and a never seen realism.

Knobs are made in aluminium dust-coated with symbols on HDG and VS knobs.

FCU320 have warm white backlight.

FCU320 comes provided with wide expansion capability through the DIN 5 pole
auxiliary socket.

This allows you to connect and interface CPflight plug&play expansion modules
(future development).

Based on a 16 bit microcontroller, CPflight FCU comes with 4 digital encoders
able to command all functions you may find on a real FCU Flight Control Unit.

All 4 encoder have the push/pull functions.

The custom baclighted LCD display assure a perfect management of all display
label like a real FCU.

You can regulate the display brightness and contrast to always have a perfect
relation with the existing light.

The panel is equipped with: 6 integrated lights pushbuttons, 3 round push button,
100/1000 rotary switch selector.

The FCU320 already have on board the sockets where connect the two EFIS ( CP and FO ).

The EFIS are directly powered and managed by the FCU, you don't need further
supply adapter or cables.

The flash memory technology of the microcontroller gives you a simple way to upgrade
the built-in operating program (Firmware).

This feature is useful for update your FCU with improvement and future expansion.

The front panel (dimensions 260mm width and 90mm height) is backlighted.

The backlight does not require any external addition, everything is built-in
the FCU and the control is directly given by Flight Simulator instrument light
status or connecting an external switch to the related input ( refer to the FCU manual;
External backlight control section ).

Prix: CHF 1,898.90

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