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USB Aircraft Gauge

Servo driven aircraft gauge especially designed for flight simulation

This kit contains all parts to build either one large or one small aircraft gauge with one or two pointers of different shape out of the following parts: 1 large front ring, 1 small front ring, 1 large optical, 1 small optical, 1 housing, 1 set of screws, bolts and nuts, all the different pointers you will ever need, 1 set of adhesive pointer legends, 74 different faceplates.
This new kit replaces a number of different gauge kits offered before.

Since the gauge is equipped with its own microprocessor no CCU is necessary anymore and you can give the gauge up to 64 identities by setting a dip switch to build even the largest aircraft panel! It connects directly to your PC!

With this kit you can build any gauge out of the following gauge groups:

Airspeed Indicators
Vertical Speed Indicators
Engine Instruments
Airliner Instruments
Helicopter Instruments

The unique stand-alone gauge kit enables you to build any aircraft gauge, small or large, single or dual pointer.

Note: If you like us to build a gauge for you from this kit, then choose "Build the Aircraft Gauge for me with 1 servo!"
or "Build the Aircraft Gauge for me with 1 servo!" and tell us by separate email which faceplate to use (see list below).
All high quality plastic injection molded parts which fit exactly. No special tools needed, no glue needed.

Includes 74 faceplates (30 large, 44 small) and all necessary parts: pointers, gears, screws, bolts, nuts, housing, opticals, electronics. Just everything included to build one small or one large gauge.

As there are no special tools or glue required to assemble this gauge. The gauge can easliy be disassembled at any time to change the faceplate for another model or even to use your own designed faceplate. The estimated assembly time is only 20 minutes!

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