Rail Works

Berlin - Wittenberg

More than 150 years after the opening presents itself
the " pickup car" as a modern modes of transport ,
with speeds up to 200 km / h
For all the modernity , there are left and right
the tracks many traces of the past , signal boxes ,
Station building , old depots .
This flair we have tried in the add -on
Berlin -Wittenberg capture .


• 115 km double track electrified main line from Berlin Hbf ( low) to Berlin / Brandenburg Airport ( where the great railway not yet breaks forth from tired old reasons ...) and Wittenberg .
• 12 km south rail line ( line S25 of Teltow Stadt to Potsdamer Platz) with busbar and the specificity in signaling ( mechanical haul stops , multi-level signaling down )
• 30 detailed stations / stops
• 1 Bw ( Wittenberg) with extensive routing possibilities , diesel gas station, Coal bunkers and water crane
• 1 freight station (large berries) with several sidings for Rangierszenarien and container loading
• lifelike Ks- signal system from the signal Team
• PZB ( 500/1000/2000Hz-Magnete installation) of virtual Railroads
• LZB visually indicated
• Distance markers every 200m , with the S-Bahn every 100m
• Sightseeing in Berlin (Potsdamer Platz to city limit)
• Superelevation in a wide range of add-on
• Private weather model
• Detailed , very expensive night effects
• High degree of similarity simulation / real landscape
• rolling stock Doppelstockwagen RE160 with matrix display
• 10 scenarios

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