Strassenbahn Berlin Köpenick

Product description:

From the well known Train Team Berlin we now present a new product: the historical tramway Berlin-Koepenick. The route starts at Mahlsdorf Sued - Hubertus, and proceeds via Koepenick, Oberschoeneweide, Karlshorst, Rummelsburg to the famous Ostkreuz.

Drive your tram through Berlins industrial history

Other routes go from Koepenick and Oberschoeneweide. This network of consists of 10 routes and includes the full Linie 82 route.

This add-on puts MS Trainsimulator back to 1970. At that time the tramway was an important means of transportation between the industrial sections and the living areas of Berlin. These tramways are faithfully recreated in this addon.

There are 26 missions that await you and will let you life the history of this part of Berlin in your role as train driver. Don`t miss any of the 56 stops as you bring people to work, to the parks or even to the Sunday football match. Koepenicks old city center, the industry centers Oberschoeneweide and Klingenberg, the forests and all the surrounding areas have been recreated in great detail. All the houses are typical of the era and the location and the busy traffic on the roads will keep you busy. Living history they way Train simulator never done before.

Included as rolling stock are two tram trains, the two axled TE and the for axled TDE, and the L22 "Bull", a loco for industrial transport. Numerous new activities introduce the train driver to a normal working day of a tram driver as well as to industrial transportation in this time, guaranteeing hours of fun with this add-on for Microsoft Train Simulator.

Prix: CHF 49.90

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