Saitek Landwirtschafts-Simulator

Saitek and GIANTS Software teamed up to create this bumper crop of immersive gear made to enhance the excitement of reaping the rewards of your virtual farm.

  • Wheel with 900 Degrees of Rotation for Maximum Realism
  • Removable Turn Knob for Easier One-Handed Turning
  • Center-Sprung Wheel Contains all Controls for Out-of-Vehicle Activities
  • Vehicle Side Panel with over 25 Programmable Buttons to Operate Your Farming Equipment
  • Loader Stick with Up/Down/Left/Right/Twist Action and Mode Button that Doubles Control Axes – Ideal for Logging
  • Low-Profile, Ergonomic Designs Sit Close to the top of Your Desk
  • Durable Clamps Attach Wheel and Vehicle Side Panel to Your Gaming Area

Prix: CHF 398.90

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